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Tutorial Program RMIT University
Quantum Master Equations: Tutorial and Workshop
9am - 1pm

Held by

  • Dr Francesco Campaioli, MSCA Research Fellow at the University of Padua

  • Dr Harini Hapuarachchi, Research Fellow at RMIT University

  • Prof Jared H. Cole, RMIT University

Attendance capacity 

Max 20 attendees (workshop part with 2-4 participants per team, max 6 teams)

REGISTRATIONS ESSENTIAL - APC Attendees will be contacted with details on how to register


A tutorial on quantum master equations



There is an increasing interest in harnessing quantum mechanical effects to tune the properties of optical and electronic devices. Basic research in this direction is pushing the boundaries of NV-centre magnetometry, ultrafast spectroscopy, quantum dots, excitons in cavities, quantum information processing, and other fields at the interface between chemistry and physics. Quantum master equations are a powerful tool to model these systems and offer a quick and informative way to interpret experimental results and look for optimal conditions. This workshop offers an introduction to quantum master equations, designed for cross-disciplinary research. A tutorial session will showcase core methods and applications, followed by a workshop session to put these methods into practice and learn by doing. Prior knowledge of Python and Jupyter Notebooks is desirable but not necessary, and participants are highly encouraged to bring systems, examples, and questions for discussion.

Workshop content

  • An overview of quantum master equations, with an emphasis on their scope for interdisciplinary research.

  • A tutorial to get up to speed with the basic methods.

  • A team-based workshop to apply these methods to problems of interest to the audience and typical examples.

  • Discussion and questions.



Total duration 3h

  • Tutorial (60 minutes)

  • Workshop (90 minutes)

  • Discussion (30 minutes)


open quantum systems, spectroscopy, transient spectroscopy, decoherence, spin dynamics, energy transfer, cavity QED, excitons, polaritons, NV centre, thermal relaxation, entanglement, spin-boson, quantum information, Python, QuTiP.


RMIT University, LaTrobe St Melbourne

Teal Space, Building 14 Level 6 Rooms 16 &19


Enter via the entrance under the Bldg 12 sign.

Take the stairs or escalator unto Level 4.

Behind you will be the Lifts you can take up to Level 6.

Turn Left when you exit the lift, proceed through the glass doors,

then turn right and rooms 16 & 19 will be at the end of the 

corridor on your right.

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