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Organising Committees

APC 2023 is proudly organised by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science. Exciton Science has brought together world leading photochemistry experts and colleagues from some of Australia and New Zealand's best universities to put on APC 2023.

Local Organising Committee


Trevor Smith, University of Melbourne

Paul Mulvaney, University of Melbourne


Baohua Jia, RMIT University

Tak Kee, University of Adelaide

Ken Ghiggino, University of Melbourne

Atilla Moser, University of Wollongong

Kate McGeoch, University of Melbourne

Kai Chen, Victoria University Wellington

Chris Hall, University of Melbourne

James Hutchison, University of Melbourne

Program Committee

Theme Leads

Photoluminescent and Photochromic Materials

Chris Ritchie, Monash University

Solar Energy Materials and Devices

Wallace Wong, University of Melbourne

Anita Ho-Baillie, University of Sydney

Jianghui Zheng, University of Sydney

Md Arafat Mahmud, University of Sydney


Greg Metha, University of Adelaide

Cameron Shearer, University of Adelaide

Plasmonics and Nanophotonics

Ann Roberts, University of Melbourne

Daniel Gomez, RMIT University

Spectroscopy and Dynamics

Tak Kee, University of Adelaide

Chris Hall, University of Melbourne

Jeff Davis, Swinburne University

Photophysics and Photochemistry

Evan Bieske, University of Melbourne

Timothy Schmidt, UNSW Sydney

Photobiology - Photosynthesis and Bioimaging

Toby Bell, Monash University

Yuning Hong, La Trobe University

Liz Hinde, University of Melbourne

Polaritonics and Photochemistry of 2D Materials

James Hutchison University of Melbourne

Girish Lakhwani, University of Sydney

IR Photonics

Stefan Maier, Monash University

Theoretical Photochemistry

Ivan Kassal, University of Sydney

Jared Cole, RMIT University

Lars Georigk, University of Melbourne

Atmospheric Photochemistry

Uta Wille, University of Melbourne

Transition metal photochemistry

Dayong Jin, UTS Sydney

Colette Boskovic, University of Melbourne

Evan Moore, University of Queensland

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